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Century 21’s Guide to Being a Listing Agent

Within the real estate industry, agents have the option of working with a number of different types of clients. Real estate agents that choose to primarily work with clients selling their home are listing agents or sometimes referred to as seller’s agents.

While it is advantageous for agents to be skilled in representing buyers, sellers, and rental clients, it is also wise to find a specialty in the field and master it. At Skyward Real Estate, we are strong believers that listing agents have the largest margin of opportunity to be successful in real estate. Here is a guide outlining everything you need to know about being a listing agent in the New York City real estate market.

What Is A Listing Agent?

One of the main responsibilities of a listing agent is using their knowledge of the real estate market to appropriately price a client’s home. Listing agents usually conduct a comparative market analysis to get an idea of what similar homes in the area are selling for. As a listing agent, you must take your fiduciary duty to the client seriously and get them the best possible price for their home.

Once the home is priced, a listing agent will then list the home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and conduct showings. Once someone offers to buy the property, the agent will then handle all the negotiations and paperwork.